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Fury X No HDMI 2.0 Disappointed! Can it do 1440p @ 60 FPS

Question asked by gaurav16d on Jun 20, 2015

I am not a fanboy of either team and I thoroughly appreciate when companies come up with great products. So, when Nvidia screwed everyone with Titan X - I firmly believed AMD would not do it. So, GTX 980 Ti came out and I still waited for FURY X. I have a Samsung JU7100 4K TV at my home - which I will use for 3D simulations and Gaming at 4K. But, through one of the earlier threads here and discussions on other forums I learned that HDMI 2.0 is not supported by Fury X. We are pointed towards adapters that we still do not have an idea about cost or availability (I am also sure AMD - you guys are not going to include 1 in your bundle - if this was the case you might have placed it on the card itself). But, the no HDMI 2.0 thing is inherently stupid and depressing for someone who has been waiting for the Fury X and HBM for over 6 months - chasing rumors everyday and telling friends and family about it.

If the Fury X thrashes GTX 980 Ti or even Titan X then I am still willing to buy it - I can turn down the resolution to 1440p and play with that at 60 FPS (Guys help me out can this be done??) - and then buy a good DP to HDMI 2.0 adapter when it comes out to move to 4K.

But if the performance is somewhat similar - I would have still gone with AMD (and put 2 in crossfire) because I believed in you guys and sadly the no HDMI 2.0 is what I cannot bear after such a long wait. We need more thorough answers than just a mere "Adapters are coming out soon". What is the use of such a great  product if you cannot translate the customer voice effectively.