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GTA 5 - AMD HD7700M

Question asked by treecgaming on Jun 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by hatembenyahmed

Hello AMD community,


My problem here is that my graphics card does not run GTA 5 properly.


How did I found out?

After I bought and installed the game from steam, I tried to run it. It didn't launch and asked me to run in safe mode. I tried that withouth succes. I went to rockstar support, they gave me some tips that didn't work.


Does GTA 5 run?

In the beginning, it didn't. After 3 days of searching the internet, I found a sollution, that doesn't work great. I changed my "settins.xml" file of gta 5, that it ran on DirectX 10, because that should fix it. It didn't quite do that. I also had to put GTAV.exe on power saver to run it.


Can you run it withouth power saving?

No. ( this needs to be fixed by somebody ASAP )


Tried to run it on DirectX 9

Yes, same result as DirectX 10 with more lag.


The game runs on DirectX 10, so what?

The game runs, but crashes randomly during the game. Also, there are major lag issues due the fact it's running on power saver.

And the worst part is, the game crahses when you into a garage which causes the game to crash over and over everytime you try to play the game again.


Who's fault is this?

assuming AMD's graphics card, because it needs to run in power saver to work, also, it does support it, because it passes the minimum requirements. GTA does run on most systems, so why not on this card. It's also not intel's fault, because there are more pc's with intel + AMD cominations and those will work with gta 5.


Can you run it on your cpu alone?

Kinda, with MAJOR lag, So not really playable.


Are there other people with this problem?

Yes, I've seen a few.


What PC's does this affect?
As far as I know, the Dell Inspiron 15r SE (7520) which I own has this issue. Not many pc's have the HD7700M series, that's why I'm asking for some attention.


I paid 60 euro's to play a game, create drivers that work with the HD7700M.


Anyone with further questions/feedback is welcome!