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    Radeon Fury DVI dillema


      I want to get the upcoming AMD Radeon Fury cards, but it seems that they only output to DisplayPort or the inferior HDMI. Unfortunately, my monitor only supports DVI input, which hasn't been a problem until now.


      I understand that there are DP->DVI adapters, but will I be able to still get 1680x1050 @ 120Hz using those adapters? Will they significantly affect my response time? What is the difference between "active" and "passive" adapters?


      120Hz refresh is very important to me, and I would obviously prefer to not have to get a new monitor in addition to a new graphics card.

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          You would require an active DisplayPort->DVI adapter for 120Hz to work. Passive DP->DVI and HDMI->DVI adapters only carry a single-link signal. You need Dual-Link to support refreshrates of 120Hz.


          But why get a Fury card if you're bound to such a low resolution?

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              Thanks for the informative reply! Do you have a sense of how an active adapter would affect response time?


              I am considering a Fury card for performance, naturally. My current card (7850) is a few years old and can't maintain sufficient FPS at 1680x1050 with high settings. I'm an "old school" gamer, so it doesn't seem like a low resolution for me.


              I love my current monitor so an upgrade didn't seem necessary. However, with the active dual-link adapters costing $100+, I'm thinking that upgrading the monitor would be worth it anyway.

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              As has already been stated, you'd need an active DP to Dual Link DVI converter, which costs around $100. 


              What I'd add is that you also stand a good chance of being CPU-bound, and getting a powerful new GPU might not give you the increase in performance that you're looking for.


              The simplest way to check is to watch your GPU usage.  If vsync is off and your GPU usage is under 95-100%, then you're CPU-bound.