Troubles with my Radeon HD 6730m

Discussion created by dns on Jun 19, 2015


Sorry for my bad English)


I have a trouble with my discrette videocard.


Look. When I install drivers from the CD "draivers for laptop", I see my discrette card in Device Manager like "Radeon  HD 6730m" and dxdiag sees it. This drivers are from 2012 year.

But when I install drivers from 2014, for example (and it's from site amd.com), my card becomes "Radeon HD 6700m" in Device Manager and dxdiag doesn't see it!


GPU-Z shows 0% Load, but other parameters are working even during games. For examples, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare starts on Intell HD Graphics (but on the old drivers from CD it starts on Radeon!!!!). I think all others do the same.


I tried a clean install with reinstallation Intell Graphics driver and Leshcat drivers - no changes.


Help me, please!!!


I use:

Windows 7 Ultimate build 7601

Intel Core i3 2440