290x crashes while browsing.

Discussion created by austincraig on Jun 19, 2015
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So I won a 290x in a contest but it keeps crashing.


I'll be in firefox looking around the net and all of a sudden everything freezes up, you can't close anything, it will say "not responding". This also occurs when I'm in steam and just looking around for games.


My specs are


CPU = 6x core bulldozer core

16 gigs of ram

290x amd card

600w pc power and cooling psu

asus m5a97 EVO motherboard

OCZ (crooks) Revo 3 Pci-e SSD as my sole hard drive



I just did a clean format with Windows 7 64bit, I've got all the patches, latest drivers, nothing is overclocked.


I honestly wonder if its a motherboard compatibility issue doing this?


Please help.