Can't find display scaling option

Discussion created by florins on Jun 19, 2015
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Lenovo b50-70

Intel Integrated & Radeon HD8500M

Windows 8.1 x64 - laptop came without os



The problem is that CCC doesn't show any options(advanced mode). I'm looking for display scaling, which should be under Digital flat panels - which is not there. I had an older laptop 8 years ago and I could find it with no problem. And I thought ATI's drivers/software got better. ****


Before you say anything, display scaling was never there. It recently became a problem as I'm trying to play an older game at a lower resolution and I get the black bars top right bottom and left instead of scaling.

I've tried drivers from official intel and amd, from lenovo's support page, from leshcat, etc. It doesn't show. I've read that you need to add a second display for it to show. Again, *****


Any ideas would be appreciated. At this point mine is to stay away from radeons from now on.



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