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    Athlon II X2 235e upgrade.


      I have an Emachines with an ECS MCP61PM-GM (rev 2.4) motherboard, with an Athlon II X2 235e dual core CPU, that i am trying to figure out what would i can upgrade it to. The specs im looking for are socket AM3, quad core if possible, dual core if not. My motherboard has a limit of 89 watts. I have been going through page after page of CPU specs, but most of it means nothing to me, and i dont want to buy a CPU and have it not work, so, since i cant speak with AMD directly, i figured i would ask here, and see what help i can get in solving this.

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          Hey biggman, i have an AMD Athlon X3 455 3.3Ghz, i believe that it is compatible with your motherboard socket AM3.

          I have a gigabyte motherboard GA970A-D3 and 4GB RAM Kingston at 1600Mhz CL9. it runs great. I was surprised to run games like Alien: Isolation, Battlefield 3[on ultra graphics], Battlefield 4[on ultra graphics], Crysis 3[on very high graphics] without problems. Yes, they say that when it comes to 3D games, its all about the graphic card[i have a gtx660], but imagine that the cpu process+delivers all the data. So for a low end performance cpu like mine, i say i wasnt expecting it to perform like that.

          This AMD Athlon II X3 455 has a 95W TDP, a little more than your motherboard spec, so taking in consideration that your motherboard company is ECS, i have doubts, i dont want to make mistakes.

          If i were you, i would have buy myself new components and create a new system, low budget of course. if you are not gaming/3d rendering, you can choose an AMD APU.

          Have a nice weekend.

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            You should be able to find all supported CPU's for the motherboard you listed in the following link. Just click on the "CPU" tab and you will be able to see all CPU's which can be used on this board.




            As mentioned by andrews9this board only supports AM2 or AM2+ based CPU's, so if you are looking for a AM3 or higher CPU you would need to upgrade your motherboard.

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              Hi there. It should be possible for you to use a 95W Athlon II X4 on that motherboard. Keep in mind your DDR2 memory might throw in a bit of a bottleneck, but upgrading your X2 to an X4 is a small step in the right direction.

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                The 2 problems i am finding is that the MB wont run a quad core (from what i have read on other sites, because my board has a revision of 2.4, there isnt much out there about it at all), and is limited to no more than 80 watts, but, i look on AMD's CPU list, and am beyond lost as to what will work, and what wont. If i narrow it down to just 80 watt AM3 CPU's, I get choices ranging from the Phenom X2 and Phenom X2 black, with model numbers ranging from the B53 and B55, to the 550, 560, 565, 570, 545, and so on, all with different frequencies, some higher, and some lower than what i have, which is 2700 MHZ, so, my next question is, how important is frequency, and, would going with say a 3000 versus a 3300 or 3500 be that much more beneficial, or would it be best to just go with the highest frequency available? Another issue i have seen is, some say they are a C2 revision, like mine is, and some say a C3 revision. How important is the revision number? All i am trying to do, since i know my CPU is on its way out, due to running hot at times, and from what i have seen on CPUID as to temps and such, since i am not always vigilant about keeping the heat sink clean, and it has been 5 years since i first got this computer, and it gets used quite a bit, but, since everything else is fine in my computer, i would like to replace it with something that will work at least a bit better than the original. As for a new MB, i would like to, but don't have the budget to replace the MB, CPU, RAM, as well as a new copy of windows 7, which i would prefer to stick with.

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                  I understand that you didnt ask for new system; You asked for a new cpu upgrade, but you will be in disadvantage because of your mboard. So if i were you i would buy this:

                  AMD Vision A6-6400K 3.9GH = $ 60

                  MSI FM2-A55M-P33 = $ 55

                  4GB RAM DDR3 1600Mhz = ~ $ 50

                  The rest [chasis,psu,monitor] you can manage after, not so hard.

                  What do you think ?

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                      Actually, with massive house repairs, as well as severe repairs to 3 different vehicles, even coming up with $50 for a new CPU on amazon is a bit of a stretch right now. That is what the price is on the AMD Phenom II X2 i am leaning towards is.

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                          You know better what your priorities are. Good luck in finding your "new" cpu.

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                              That didn't answer any of my questions, and wasn't exactly helpful.

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                                  biggman, you seem to have other problems more important than finding a "new" cpu, you told us in your reply. The fact that $50 is way too much for you in order to upgrade your cpu[you told us that too], it tells me that you dont really need a powerful pc. You actually didnt tell us why you really want the cpu upgrade. Why do you want a more powerful cpu to use it on a bad mboard that you have now? You didnt tell us how much ram you have and what gpu you have. Fine, i understand, it doesnt matter for you what type-model they are. That means you do regular daily stuff[text editing,listening to music,2d games,etc].

                                  I already recommended you the Athlon II X3 455[it is an Phenom II X4 B50 with 1 core+L3 cache disabled],it has 95Wattage but your motherboard is made by ECS and its not a great mboard.

                                  The Athlon II X3 455 is 60% more powerful than your actual cpu.

                                  Athlon II X3 455 Core voltage = 0.85V--1.4V--3Cores[it has 4 cores but amd disabled the 4th core]

                                  Athlon II X2 235e Core voltage = 1.1V--1.35V--2Cores

                                  The 455 cpu eats more energy when it is in full 100% load, but if you do normal daily "office" stuff on your pc, then you should be fine, the energy consumed by this cpu will be less of course and that means stability for your ECS mboard.

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                                      First, the 455 you are so determined to push runs 95 watts, and my MB can ONLY handle 89 watts, so that will NOT work, and, unlike the computer gurus on here, i am not into overclocking or underclocking my system just to make a CPU that isn't recommended for my MB work, which is another suggestion that i heard on another forum, was just to use a 95 watt CPU, and underclock it, no thank you.. And, nice, but wrong, assumptions. I don't do daily office stuff, i actually use it for video editing, but, since a lot of people on here already have an issue with the MB i have, i know that once i mention that, all i am going to get is recommendations about replacing the MB, Ram, and CPU, with something newer and flashier, and, until i started having issues with my CPU slowing down while i was saving video from my video capture card, it worked just fine, so, i don't need to upgrade everything, just my CPU, but, since there are so many different options, and i am lost on what will work best, i came here for recommendations for the best CPU for my MB, which, so far, i haven't seem to have gotten. I don't know why it matters, but fine, here are the rest of the specs on my system, 8GB DDR2 Ram, Nvidia GeForce 9500GT video card, Windows 7 Home, 500 watt power supply, 320 Gb western digital main drive, twin 750GB western digital green add on drives, a 4TB usb drive, and, i have no idea what else you need to know just to simply tell me which CPU would be the best upgrade for what i have. Honestly, it isn't the money, i am just the type who doesn't believe i should replace my entire system with something newer and flashier, just because that is what everyone else would do. The rest of my system work fine, and does what i want it to, except for video capture, which it used to do just fine, until i started having CPU heating issues. Now, when i try to save video, after about 10 minutes, the system slows down, the CPU heats up, according to CPUID, and it starts dropping frames at an astronomical rate, so, i figured just replacing the CPU with something a bit faster, and better, would take care of that issue. And, yes, i have already not only cleaned the heat sink several times, i have also replaced it with a cooler master and faster fan, and still no luck, so, i am figuring, that waiting too long, and letting the CPU heat up repeatedly ruined it.


                                      When i said my questions weren't answered, it is because they haven't been. My questions are simple, which of the socket AM3, 65 or 80 watt CPU's would be the best choice? No answer yet, all i got was a recommendation for a CPU that wont work with my MB. How important is the frequency? No answer there either. How important are the different revisions, and, will they make a difference? My CPU is a revision C2, but, some of the 65 and 80 watt CPU's are revision C3, will that make any bit of a difference? No answer to that either. And, why does knowing what the rest of my system consists of make any kind of difference? In short, why cant i get a simple answer, based on the limitations of my MB, as to what will and will not work. That is all i am after.

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                                          i think you should try to upgrade with the Athlon II X4 620e cpu, it has a 45W TDP.

                                          Athlon II X4 620e:

                                          - 4 cores [Quad core]

                                          - 45 W TDP

                                          - 2.7 Ghz clock speed

                                          - Passmark score - 2906

                                          - AM3 socket


                                          Athlon II X2 235e:

                                          - 2 cores [Dual core]

                                          - 45 W TDP

                                          - 2.7 Ghz clock speed

                                          - Passmark score - 1684


                                          The reason i asked you about the rest of your components is that i didnt understand why you want to upgrade the cpu. Knowing what you do daily with your pc, it tells me if the cpu upgrade worth it. You are free to do whatever you want, dont get me wrong.

                                          The clock speed is very important, and so is the cache memory and yes, the number of cores also. From what i remember, the cpu revision means that newer revisions are "better" than the older revision. C3 is better than C2. it means that AMD team found erro/bugs in the logic circuits[lihographic photomasks]

                                          And yes, a cpu with a bigger TDP is more powerful than a cpu with a lower TDP. Powerful means bigger frequency==>>much better.

                                          You will hear people saying that the Clock speed doesnt matter anymore. I say it does matter.

                                          So yes, an 80W cpu is much better than a 60W cpu, if you have a good mboard. i recommended you a 45W cpu because of your mboard, like i said, it is made by ECS [in the past i have used a desktop with an ECS mboard socket A + AMD Athlon Xp 2200+, and it was not a fiable mboard, in the summer time the mboard components overheated; many crashes happened==>> unstable system]

                                          I didnt want to sound like a j*e*r*k; if iwas, i am sorry; i just wanted to give you information; if it wasnt helpful, i hope others will reply to your post. Have a nice week.

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                                              Other than being a quad core, which i have been told my MB wont be able to utilize, everything else, including frequency, and max wattage, are the same as my current CPU, so, since my MB will only utilize half of it, is it really an upgrade? The CPU's i am leaning towards are all dual core, the major differences being, they are higher wattage, either 65 or 80 watts, and higher frequency. My issue with deciding on one is, being that my CPU is 2700 MHZ, and the ones i am looking at anywhere from 3000 to 3500 MHZ, what exactly does frequency mean, and, does having a higher frequency really matter all that much. Also, another reply on here said upgrading from an x2 to an x4 would be worth it, but, doesn't x4 mean quad core? The simple truth is, i have no clue what most of what i read on the spec page for the different CPU's even means. I am not a computer builder, or even really into computers all that much, so, when i hear things like, higher watts than what my MB is rated for, which i have heard can cause other problems with my MB, or quad core that my computer wont even utilize, to me that just sounds like a huge waste of money. What i really need is someone to explain all of it in language i can understand, which means very simply, and not say, throwing numbers at me that make no sense to me whatsoever.  For example, telling me that one has a passmark score of 1684 means absolutely nothing to me, since i don't even know what a passmark score is, or things like clock speed, what is it, and how does it affect how my computer works? Or, like the 455 you keep pushing, instead of giving me specs that i don't understand, just simply say that it will or will not work with my MB, and why it will or wont, in simple terms. A perfect example would be, say, the Phenom II X2 505 black, will it, or will it not work in my computer, and will it or wont it be an upgrade, and, will my computer be faster, slower, or about the same as it used to be, that is all i need to know. Or, for example, i have heard from many people my MB wont run a quad core, but, on here, that is what everyone seems to be pushing, so, simple question, is it because my MB will, without any damage, actually run a quad core, or, is that recommendation just because that is what you would build your computer to work with? And, several replies have said to use a 95 watt CPU, so, since my MB is rated for a max of only 89 watts, explain to me, in simple terms, why a higher wattage CPU wont damage my MB. My concerns are extremely simple, i want my computer to at least run the way it used to, without issues when i am saving video from my camcorder to my video capture card. I don't need it to play high end games, or any of that other intensive use that some people use there computer for. I also do not want something that will eventually cause damage, either through excessive heat, or making it work harder than it is meant to, which, using a higher wattage CPU than what my MB is rated for, seems like that is all it will eventually do, and, noone seems to be able to say, in simple terms, that it wont eventually cause other issues with my MB.

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                                                  Please check your mboard condensators, if the top[cap] of your condensators are flat with an x marked, they are ok. If the cap [top] of the condensators are swollen, it means they are damaged.

                                                  i dont know who told you that your mboard wont be able to use all 4 cores. In order to eliminate any suspicios situation, i recommend you to visit your local pc-store, and ask for technical problems regarding your mboard. Tell them you are interested in making a cpu upgrade, tell them your mboard spec, and ask them what they think.

                                                  By the way, your mboard vendor[manufacturer] should be able to answer your questions regarding your future cpu upgrade. Since they manufactured your mboard, they should be able to know precise what-where-how.

                                                  I believe that on your mboard will work even the AMD Phenom II X4 945-3000Mhz[95W TDP, rev C2] if you cant decide, i say you try it. Will it run perfect? You will never know until you test it or until you find someone who really done it.

                                                  I am not trying to get rid of you by telling you random cpu models.

                                                  Your situation is delicate since your mboard specifications are very hard to find on the web.

                                                  The frequency of the cpu it says the number of calculations processed per second as far as i remember. If your cpu has 2700Mhz it means that your cpu can process 2,700,000-calculations in one second.

                                                  And yes, X4 it means 4 cores=quad core. The passmark score is a synthetic based score. PassMark® Software Pty Ltd is a privately owned software development group with a head office in Sydney, Australia and a branch office in California, United States.They specialize in the development of high quality performance benchmarking solutions as well as providing expert independent IT consultancy services to clients ranging from government organizations to major IT heavyweights. PassMark Software is a leading authority in software and hardware performance benchmarking and testing. Higher passmark score means more performance for your cpu.

                                                  You are interested in Phenom II X2 550-80Watt [you wrote 505]. i remember that cpu, a friend of mine had it.

                                                  # Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition: geekbench-32bit score= 2839

                                                  # Athlon II X2 235e: geekbench-32bit score= 2428

                                                  # Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition: geekbench-64bit score= 4747

                                                  # Athlon II X2 235e: geekbench-64bit score= 4057

                                                  # Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition: Passmark score= 2054

                                                  # Athlon II X2 235e: Passmark score= 1684

                                                  The higher the score, the better. These scores demonstrate that the Phenom II X2 550 Black edition is not so powerful than your actual cpu. The upgrade will not worth it. The both cpus are dual core.

                                                  Yes, the Phenom II X2 550 black edition is a 80watt TDP cpu and it runs at 3.1Ghz, so it is faster than your actual cpu, but still, the performance difference between these two, is very small. Its undetectable...when it comes to video rendering.

                                                  The wattage that you keep mention is the TDP The thermal design Power[or point].TDP is the maximum amount of heat generated by the CPU that the cooling system in a computer is required to dissipate in typical operation. Rather than specifying CPU's real power dissipation, TDP serves as the nominal value for designing CPU cooling systems.

                                                  The Thermal Design Power (TDP) is the average maximum power a processor can dissipate while running commercially available software. TDP is primarily used as a guideline for manufacturers of thermal solutions (heatsinks/fans, etc) which tells them how much heat their solution should dissipate. Dont mistake TDP with the energy wattage consumption.

                                                  I still keep my idea and i believe the cpus i recommended you in the earlier posts, can be called an upgrade that worth it.

                                                  So my recommendations for your cpu upgrade that worth it, are:

                                                  1# AMD Athlon II X4 620e

                                                  2# AMD Phenom II X4 945

                                                  3# AMD Athlon II X3 455

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                                                      One thing i didn't mention is that mine is a 64 bit set up, supposedly. Most of your reply made some sense to me, and did clear up a couple things for me. As for going to ECS, good luck with that. ECS told me to go to Gateway (since, supposedly, that board was made for Gateway), Gateway told me to go to Emachines, who manufactured my computer, and made the AM2 to AM3 CPU change, as well as adding 2 more RAM slots, Supposedly. Emachines told me the board was made by ECS to their specs, but, since it is more than 4 years old, they don't have any info on it whatsoever, so, anything i have learned about my MB has been from other forums, because, according to some sites, my MB isn't even supposed to exist. It is based on the MCP61PM-GM made by ECS, but, due to the 2.4 revision, seems to have made it out of ECS hands. All in all, i have gotten the runaround from each manufacturer i have spoken with, which is how i ended up here in the first place, after 5 weeks of searching manufacturer info, supplier info, and even vendor info. As for local shops, since they cant find my exact board, there only advice is to either buy a new computer, or at the very least, replace the MB with something newer, and of course, expensive. My only concern is, what problems would using a quad core cause, if my MB cant handle it? I don't want to ever make the mistake again of buying the wrong CPU, only to burn the MB up because the new CPU was too much for my existing MB, which a did i few years ago on a Gigabyte MB. I need my computer to work, and cant afford the expense of a new one, if i somehow screw up and get the wrong CPU. For me to ruin my MB would be extremely costly, because that would mean a new MB, CPU, RAM, and operating system, since, unlike so many others, i have never, not even with windows XP, ever successfully been able to replace a MB and then get windows to work without a fresh install, which would then require me to upgrade expensive software, since i don't have the disks to half the software on my computer anymore, hence all the questions and clarifications before i purchase anything. Another question i have, that someone else rudely mentioned on another forum, is, could it be my main HDD, and not the CPU, that is causing the issue i am having? When i am capturing video, i make absolutely certain that the software i use, pinnacle studio 12, is on the main drive, and i save the video to a second drive, but, about 6 months ago is when i noticed that it wont save more than a few minutes of video before the fans start to sound like jet engines, everything on my system slows down, and then it will just constantly start dropping frames, and then CPUID shows a steady increase from 38 C, to as high as 86 C, and, i have noticed the last month that it now starts to slow down if i have too many windows open, especially if they are youtube or netflix, and then open a new window to read my mail, even after i pause the video i am watching, with a corresponding rise in CPU temps.

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                                                          Regarding your board manufacturer, i understand you. "They" seems to be a small company trying to survive amongst big fish like Asus,Gigabyte,etc.

                                                          The fact that a main board doesnt have the technical support on the web, tells us a lot. [now i have 2 systems; i bought the components and assembled myself. i did some search before looking for performance/price value. So i chose AMD cpus + Gigabyte mainboards. I have noticed that Asus is a little bit ahead of gigabyte when it comes to performance/gamer/overclockes products. I also noticed before buying my components, that gigabyte website has good documentation + tech support]

                                                          The fear you have about the "new" cpu burning your mainboard is normal. I am on your side. It may be that your mainboard doesnt have protection to autoshutdown if some components from your mboard get very hot.

                                                          Therefore you should go first with the AMD Athlon II X4 620e. You cant harm your mainboard with that and your system will perform 62% faster than now.

                                                          If i were you, i would have tried AMD Phenom II X4 945[4cores]. The price may be a little higher than the AMD Athlon II X3 455[3cores].

                                                          I am sure the Windows7 knows how to utilise all 4 cores. About the Pinnacle Studio, i have never tested, maybe it knows how to use multi-core cpus.

                                                          In order to eliminate your slowing-down problem, i recommend you to test your system with another O.S. for free. You should try Linux LXLE 64bit. Here is the link http://lxle.net/

                                                          No worries, you dont have to DELETE your windows7 already installed or any other software. This Linux LXLE as many other distributions, have a LIVE CD thing. You Download the ISO file[the operating system] from their site. You "copy" on your USB stick or burn the image on a blank DVD disc, and then you BOOT from that USB stick/DVD ROM. A simple menu appears and you must choose TRY LINUX LXLE DEMO, NO INSTALL.

                                                          Why i recommend you this? Because this is the easiest way to find out-to see for yourself if there really is a problem with your hardware[cpu-hdd-mboard-ram] or is just an OS problem[software problem]

                                                          After the Linux LXLE is loading, you dont have to install any drivers, it will "run as new as it came from the factory". You just navigate the web, comrpess-uncompress files, listen music, watch videos to test your system. In this way you can see if it happens the "slow-down" thing. If yes, then it is a hardware issue. it could be the RAM, the hdd, or your mboard.

                                                          If you want to do this Linux system check, you tell me and i give you steps to follow, in order not to ERASE anything from any of your HDDs.

                                                          I repeat, the LINUX LXLE doesnt require to DELETE anything IF YOU ARE USING IT AS A LIVE CD [DEMO]. I wouldnt recommend you this if it was useless.

                                                          By the way, i am running 64bit OS too. If your/my cpu can process 64bit, then why not, and it is better then it comes to RAM bigger than 2GB.

                                                          Sometimes Windows7 system partition C:\ can become almost full, make sure you clean your disks from unnecessary system files. I am sure you already know what i am talking about. Right-click your C:\[your Windows7 partition] choose PROPERTIES and then press the button DISK CLEAN UP, wait, and then check all boxes from the list[temp files,thumbnails,error report dump files,etc] and press OK/Delete temp files.

                                                          What can i say, having problems like cpu overheating, is not good for anybody.

                                                          Before deciding to upgrade, you should try to test your system with the Linux LXLE like i said, to see if your cpu collapse like in windows 7.

                                                          Linux LXLE is a very LIGHT O.S. and it runs fast also. I have tried many Linux distributions on my systems i know what i am talking about. And it is free, you dont have to register or pay anything to anybody. All you need is some elementary basic pc skills in order NOT to ERASE your HDDs by 1 click mistake.

                                                          i'll see you later...

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                                        Hey biggman,  did you get my previous reply?

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                                            Yes, i did, thank you. I have just been extremely busy, and haven't had time to really mess with my computer at all.

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                                                No worries. I understand. Just remember these steps:

                                                1. Go to http://lxle.net/

                                                2. Click Download.

                                                3. Choose LXLE 64bit 14.04.2

                                                4. Burn the ISO file named lxle-14.04.2.ISO on a blank DVD [because it has 1.3GB]

                                                5. Boot from the DVD.

                                                6. Choose "live-boot the Live System" and press Enter.

                                                7. The LXLE O.S. will load.


                                                Now all you have to do is to "use" your system by opening whatever preinstalled aps in this O.S. You can listen music while you are browsing the web while you text edit while compressing-or-uncompressing some files, etc. this should make your cpu sweat.

                                                Remember! You havent install this O.S., it is just a virtual O.S. LOAD.

                                                Your HDDs are intact, i dont recommend you "mount" your partitions[although they say it is fine and i have tested it; your NTFS partitions should be fine after rebooting and starting the Windows] You can try if you want, you will NOT loose your data from that NTFS partition, i just say it is better if you focus on the stability of the system.

                                                Feel free and discover the pre-installed aps this OS has.

                                                As you may know, Linux distros only work on EXT3 or EXT4 filesystem partitions, LXLE cannot be installed on NTFS partitions.

                                                Any time you can reboot your system, remove the LInux DVD disc, and load Windows.

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                                              So i understand you gave up?