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IPMMB-FM (Formosa) Not Compatable With HD 7850 2GB?

Question asked by infodude on Jun 19, 2015

Hey, I've been working on my H8-1419 all day.
I7 3770 3.4 ghz 4 core hyperthreaded PCU
IPMMB-FM (Formosa) Mobo
12 GB DDR3-1600

1.5 TB SATA at 7200 RPM

Mid size ATX case

custom xfx 850w PSU single 12v rail(new)
Came with HD 7570, and i have a 7850 on me now.


My problem is my screen is always black. The PC will boot (and give 1 short beep for DRAM or something), but always give a black screen as if the GPU isn't even there.
I can plug into the onboard and the screen works.
Divice manager only picks up the onboard for my graphics.
Also got the most recent catalyst update (as of today).
I've heard somewhere that having the onboard gpu being enabled may be the problem, however i can't re-enable it in the bios (for some reason) , and it leaves me afraid to disable it incase the 7850 doesnt work and id be without anyway to acsess my pc.

Everythings stock except the PSU thats a 850w xfx single 12v rail, so its deffo not the psu.
I've read up elsewhere saying to get the newest bios version. Done that.
read up elsewhere it's something to do with UEFI's secure boot. Disabled that, Enabled Legacy Boot. Didn't work.
Even turned off fast boot. (even once disabling EUFI from boot menu entirely, however my windows boot utility was disabled because of it and it would not boot)
Yes, its properly mounted in the PCI-E 3.0 slot, i've got the 6 pin PCI-E connected correctly as well.


The card is in full working condition, works in my friends crossfire mobo w/ 3.0 pci-e, why wont it work on mine?


I Would really love some help getting this thing to work, Just spend $150 on a PSU because i thought that might've been the problem when it ended up being a bios/unknown issue. (Can't change gpu bios (if there is any for uefi support) because my system wont pick up the card. Can someone help or point me to a medium mid-high preformance GPU that preforms close too or better than the 7850, that will work with my Mobo's UEFI bios. Preff one thats not over the moon at $600. (Looking at you gtx 780 ti) . Also, my case is very tight, my current 7850 is nearing the max space i can allot for my gpu, i can maybe gen another inch room for card improvement. Pls, Any help, anyone. so lost.