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    DirectX 9 compatable graphics


      I have one of the newer HD8670D cards from Radeon and I can not play games because it keeps saying it can't find any DirectX 9 adapters for graphics.  What can I do?

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          m_mccoy29 schreef:


          What can I do?

          For starters you can try and list your complete system specs, and:


          -Ensure all Windows updates are installed.

          -(Re)install the latest Intel Switchable Graphics drivers.

          -Install AMD drivers.

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            As Cornugon said:


            Laptop issues and queries need to furnish the following information for best assistance:



            Laptop manufacturer and exact model

            Switchable graphics? Intel + AMD or AMD + AMD

            OS...Is this the OS that came originally with the laptop?

            Last drivers that worked correctly?

            Steps you have taken to solve the issue