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    GTA 5 Crashing


      I am facing a big problem, I can play GTA 5 in my PC (Radeon HD 6850) , but after 5-10 mins the monitor goes black, but I can hear voices through my headphone, then I have to restart my PC. I tried lowering the fan speed, but the app still crashes after 5-10 mins. I face this same problem with new games (like Witcher 3, FC 4) but it usually reduces the error rate when I lower my settings. I thought my GPU can hold upto medium settings, what should I do to stop this?


      MY PC:

      Processor: FX 6300

      GPU: Radeon HD 6850 MSI OC Power Edition

      RAm: 4GB

      HDD: 1TB

      MOnitor: a bit old, but LCD (in case if that is the problem)

      mobo: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3


      Please help me guys.

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          So if I understood you correctly you have 2 issues: monitor on black and game crashes after 5 - 10 minutes . Try to connect your monitor to another port on your graphics card. See if that helps. When the monitor goes black? Is the power led illuminated? Does there appear a message on your screen? For example No signal?


          If all recent games also freezes after an amount of time, that is related to your graphic card. Because you need to lower down the graphical settings, to reduces the error rate. Try to run a game benchmark and see if it is successful (no crashes or black screen). For example the Heaven benchmark.

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            I tried underclocking my GPu and it worked, it stopped the screen blackout, but I still get a crash message. http://img121.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=12002_Untitled_122_384lo.jpg


            I still cant understand how to use the Heaven benchmark tool, can anybody help with this?

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              Open your system case and look for dust. Try playing with your case open. To see if it isn't an overheating problem. The power supply could also be the cause of the issue.If one of the ports on your graphics card doesn't work, I am more thinking the issues are related to a faulty card.

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                I have same GPU and my game also crashes randomly. Moreover, every other game works fine even more demanding titles such as AC Unity, Witcher 3 etc. might start to lag a bit but not really crash unlike GTA V. My PC doesn't lock up, it works just fine even after crash as i just click on "close the program" option.


                My game was fine in Windows 8 in which it hardly ever crashed. Now using Windows 10 since 2 weeks and i have tried almost every solution i found on internet, like keeping only specific game save files, changing directx setting from 10.1 to 11, verifying game files through GTA V Installation Tool (For Disc Version), reinstalling, visual C++ and directx  base.


                I have a very slow connection so even if i reinstall game through dvd, i would have to download 5gb day one patch which would atleast take 30 hours on my pc. Considering the fact my speed is 60kByte/s max. Though, i get 16Mbit/s before i reach my 20gb transfer cap. So, i would have to wait next month for it and even after that i don't believe my issue will be solved because the game was in windows 8 for about 4 months.


                I have also tried changing compatibility mode to WIndows 8, the game looked good for first 8 minutes then again a sudden crash. I am using the latest beta driver released two days ago. My other games are fine as i said, so i guess it's something very weird happening. Also, My Temps don't go above 75C while load for both CPU and GPU.