Windows Vista & the x1200

Discussion created by hardcoregames™ on Jun 18, 2015
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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A210 15" class notebook machine. Most of the machine date back to the XP period, and due to prejudice by the media over Vista etc etc etc


This machine has a Windows Vista logo on it, which confers requirement for x64 and x86 drivers. Vista was quickly replaced by Windows 7.


AMD on the other hand has decided to violate the logo and Toshiba's drivers at 350MB do not seem to want to work either.


So somebody is once again, doing something illegal but what else is new. The industry wants everyone to buy new $1000 machines every couple of years. Considering how bad the economy has become this is increasingly unrealistic.


The Microsoft basic driver manages 1024x768 which really degrades the video performance as the CPU has to do all the work. the LCD is 1280x800 so you see how this hurts the machine.


I do not expect a lot from the x1200 graphics which is shader 2 and just barely makes the WEI 3.0 requirement for Vista.


Mod tools went nowhere