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Athlon X4 860K seems to be prone to failure and damage to multiple brand mobo's.

Question asked by ericb7799 on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by ericb7799

So this isn't a question, more of a report, and a warning. Recently our local electronic store was having a combo sale and was selling the Athlon X4 860 Quad Core (NO INTEGRATED GRAPHICS!!!) with some fm2+ motherboards. Their initial sale was with the   Gigabyte F2A68HM-DS2H AMD A68H Chipset FM2+ mATX Motherboard  . Instead I actually went with another board, at that time decided would rather try the MSI A78-M-E35 FM2+.  Installed everything and initially everything seemed to be working. Next day after running Windows Update and it rebooted the graphics card (at that time AMD 6450 Saphirre) was not initializing. When it happened I had two monitors connected (one HDMI, other VGA). Grapics card did not re-initialize on boot. Tried reseting CMOS by moving the jumpers, tried also removing battery. Have multiple OS installed on other disks/partitions. Win xp64, win 7, win 8.1, win 10 tp it pro, 10 tp client, win server 2012r2, and win server tech prev 2. Issue happens on all OS versions.  Tried taking out the 860K and putting in my other APU 7300 but it didnt't work either. Basically the board was just toast. Took the board back and got MSI a78m-e45 but after a couple of hours it happened again and that board wouldnt come back on even with the APU. Took it back to store and this time tried the ASUS A78-M and it was working for about 1 day and then last night it also rebooted after update and then nothing but "no signal". Tried the APU 7300 again and same thing. So that's where I am, currently the Gigabyte board is running the APU 7300. BTW in the meantime and after the fist couple of MSI boards failed I did exchange the actual X4 860K CPU for another of same model. So the ASUS board failure was with a replacement to the first 860K.


I have no idea what this is and what is going on. I would think that AMD would at least have some better idea of what to do but after a couple of calls to them they don't have anything I can do. I did try updating BIOS and that usually just caused more BSOD.


So try this processor at your own risk! In my case it has burned out 4 different boards from 3 different brands and continued to do it even after being e xchanged for a new CPR of same model.. Drivers, DDR3 RAM and everything else I can think of is up to date.