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    Crossfire Profile Elite Dangerous


      When is there going to be a crossfire profile for elite dangerous released?


      The game is 7 months old and still no profile.


      my 2nd R9 290X 8GB sits at 5% usage with no increase in FPS just causing microstutter.


      The elite dev's have stated that it is an AMD problem.


      If this isn't going to be fixed soon I know I'm not the only one with the issues and will be jumping ship to team green (I really don't want to have to do this)

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          I kept asking about it on guru3d. Matt said he will tell the driver team and that it is in the works.

          Well it is "in the works" for ages now.

          This is my main game and combined with the gta v and witcher 3 crossfire catastrophe this means i will buy two 980 ti instead of furys if this does not get sorted quickly. There is so juch talk about multigpu und liquid vr. The Problem is that it is only talk.

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            The game has been now out for quite long time. Nearly 12 months from the first beta release and 10 from the public release. There are tons of people complaining about the lack of proper crossfire support for this game. The official forums of the game contain several threads where people are giving out about this. Many of us have invested significant amount of money to your hardware and do have some expectations to receive crossfire profiles for the games we enjoy to play. Nvidia seems to be much more reactive and has supported the game for LONG time... With this pace and lack of support/reply you are driving people away from your brand and repeat business.


            When are we getting the Crossfire profile for the game?




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              Elite Dangerous is the only game I play - and my pair of R9 290s were purchased specifically for this game during the game's beta stage - wow am I regretting my purchase of AMD cards now. I'm gutted, where is the movement on Crossfire support?


              This game has been out for 10 MONTHS, is now a flagship for the HTC Vive, nominated for industry awards, critically acclaimed, - it's frankly embarrassing that I can't run this game in Crossfire.


              AMD need to get their act together on this sharpish, at least make a statement about it on this Question!!

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                I'm joining the protest hoping that the Horizon release could change the situation.


                Is anyone here have some news about an hypothetical Crossfire profile?

                Or are we still under radio silence?

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                  It would be great to get an update on this, now not only Horizons has been released by the Oculus Rift CV1 is on the way, it would be great to get both my R9 280x cards running together.

                  As the Op says, trying to run both cards with no profile still does not seem to utilize the second card and just create stuttering


                  Thanks in advance