Radeon R9-2xx series: Swisscheese windows!

Discussion created by djp75 on Jun 17, 2015
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Recently built a (mostly) new desktop machine, with existing video card (Radeon R9-200 series).


Clean install, fully updated, or upgraded/repaired install I persistently get this for many apps:


Here's the specs for the current system:


No BSoD's, no errors or any crashes. If I uninstall the video driver and put in the default SVGA, everything is perfectly fine, no corrupted graphics anywhere. Most of the applications run perfectly otherwise, save the occasional swisscheesed graphic in the web browser(s).


I suspect a driver conflict, or maybe bad setting(s) somewhere. I made sure to download all the correct and latest drivers for my system (Win7/64-bit) and hardware. But the results are always the same.