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    question about ati2cqag.dll



      Newbie here.  My pc has been crashing recently, almost every time when I come out of suspend mode, or when booting up.


      I got a utility which goes through the dump files and it says that driver ati2cqag.dll is at fault.  This seems to correspond with the Windows error messages.


      My question is, can I just download that driver and replace my existing driver, or do I need to download the whole Catalyst package.


      When I look at my ati2cqag.dll, it says the version is


      My catalyst version is 10.2.


      I'm running XP, SP3.


      Thanks for any advice.

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          Isn't catalyst 10.2 too old, even for windows xp ?

          Depending on the gpu at hand, you should be able to find an updated driver version to install.

          First, uninstall all AMD related software for your gpu, then use/ run the new updated catalyst package.

          The official AMD driver support site makes it easier for you. Just fill out the fields correctly with the appropriate system info that you have, and then manually download the latest catalyst package:

          Download Drivers

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              Thanks Backfire...


              I did fill out the info and what came up was a choice between the Catalyst suite, version 10.2, which is the same as what I have, or the WDM integrated driver, version 10.2.


              I'm not sure what the WDM driver is... is that only the drivers portion of the suite?


              So do I need to re-install the whole suite, or just the WDM driver??


              Or would it be better to just try to re-install the driver from my install cd, since it doesn't look like they updated the drivers much.


              When I did a search here on the site for ati2cqag.dll, it came back with nothing found.



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                  Uninstall all existing AMD catalyst software/ drivers, then use DDU (display driver uninstaller) in windows safe mode to clean your system from leftover files and entries.

                  Then install the whole 10.2 catalyst software suite, which unfortunately is the last supported driver set for your gpu card and OS.

                  Since Windows XP is severely outdated and unsupported by now, as is your gpu model, i sincerely recommend upgrading both your software and hardware the first chance you get.

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                What graphics card do you have? Is this a laptop?