Official AMD™ 2015 Product Lineup Unveiling Videos and Information for those who may have missed it.

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Good day to the entire AMD™ community,


If like myself, new tech releases are an event and not simply just another day, then more than likely you already know everything in regards to the newest AMD™ announcements. Yet, even the most diehard enthusiast can at times lose track of the current events due to schedules and So, with that being said, below I have presented a compilation of AMD™ officially released videos and information in regards to their upcoming product releases to ensure visibility for the entire AMD™ community, as well as their ease of access when viewing the official media available. AMD™ has truly brought enthusiast grade products to the table once again in many exciting forms, from the AMD™ Quantum, to the amazingly powerful AMD™ R9 FuryX and no fan of AMD™, nor fans of pc hardware enthusiast grade products should go without viewing the material shown below.


For dedicated AMD™ enthusiasts like myself, this release information was the culmination of a many months long obsession that included reading thousands of articles generally containing rumors, speculation and general nonsense across the net. Some now found to be clearly hype pieces and others surprisingly dead on, yet none could have predicted such amazing things as the sleek and powerful AMD™ Quantum which was surprisingly kept under wraps and kudos to AMD™ for that, it kept me and I'm sure many of you fixated on it while while watching the show.


It's fantastic to know that AMD™ has continued it's trend of innovation and usurped themselves by a vast margin, even in comparison to their previous generations announcement of the R9 295x2 which even still to this day resounds with tech enthusiasts across the globe as one of the most impressive debuts in graphics hardware development history. This in my opinion, is quite possibly the most impressive product unveiling/press conference in AMD™ history and can only leave one to become even more excited to see what AMD™ has in store for us in 2016 with their release of their upcoming ZEN processor. So in closing and simply put, AMD™ nailed it in presentation, price, performance. This truly is a great time to be a gamer and an even better time to be a fan of AMD™.


Never forget, word of mouth is the best source of advertisement whether free or funded. So inform the PC gaming community and generate some much deserved community hype one user at a time. Even the average PC gamer who isn't as informed, knew that the next AMD™ graphics cards were coming and they were awaiting the information to make a decision on their next graphics card purchase. Now it's time to tell them, it's here and it was worth the wait.


Happy day after to everyone here in the AMD™ community forums and congratulations to all at AMD™ for a successful product lineup unveiling, simply amazing!



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