do you think it would be safe to stack a pair of 295x2 radiators on 1 spot in the case?

Discussion created by adminatron on Jun 16, 2015
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with the fury X taunting me I'm kind of at a loss... I REALLY want to just get my gpu situation figured out and ive resisted for so long going to the green team, but when my tried and true 1080p monitor finally croaked I went for a 4k tv because there aren't any 120hz(dp.1.3) 4k monitors out yet, nor does it seem like multi monitor freesync is working atm so a TV makes more sense considering i'd rather be stuck at 60hz forever, and a 4k tv atleast serves other purposes


long story short, I want to quadfire Fiji cards... I REALLY don't want to wait any longer, 4k at 30hz in my face makes me want to vomit, especially in any titles that give me screen tearing... so if I only have 2 spaces for RAD's would it be reasonable to stack 2 radiators per? both would be exiting the case(out the upper back and the top) im guessing that the Fiji chip CANT run hotter than Hawaii chips, so if any of you are quadfiring a pair of 295x2's then I should get a good guestimate as to wether the temps would still do fine...


the only other thing I can think of is trying to find a custom side panel for my case that has spots for fans(radiators). im using the corsair AIR 540, but putting the radiators on the front of the computer seems really stupid, considering you'd be pushing the hot air out of the radiator into the case, or just have bad airflow...


so ideally I'd like to snag 4 fury x's and call it a day until 8k displays are reasonable/relevant. I'd really rather not have to wait until a dual Fiji chip in the fall... also I'm worried that a dual Fiji chip might need way more pci-e bandwidth than 4 single gpu cards.... that being said I really WISH I could just buy a pair of the dual GPU's but I sold my 290x's last summer thinking we'd have Fiji that fall... so it's been a year since I sold my 4k monitor and gpu's... ive been using a 5570(yeah, like a 50$ budget card when it was still called ati) until the last few months where I borrowed a 280x... but this TV I got went on sale and when you get a steal of a deal and you have to enjoy it on vomit mode it's kind of sad. WTB hdmi 2.0!