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    270x starting to go bad?


      Hello, today I noticed I was getting poor performance when I turned on my computer with windows being choppy and when I went to start up my games such as, League and CSGO I was getting bad fps. Normally 300+ in both games I was getting 60 if that and being super super choppy. I recently reinstalled the drivers going from stable to the most recent beta and nothing fixed it so far. What should I do? Thanks.

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          Just happened about 5 minutes ago, after trying to watch a video from the league client my screen went instantly full white and sometimes flickering fast to full black and back to white. When I turned off my computer I got white bars. I am pretty sure it is my video card now since all of this stuff started only recently.

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            Hi gparask,


            What Catalyst Drivers are you currently using? Have you tried another uninstall / reinstall?


            How many monitors have you got?


            Are you playing in Fullscreen mode?


            Could you try the graphics card in a different pc?


            What Power Supply are you using?