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CodeXL 1.7 Application Timeline Trace unable to profile more than 200,000 APIs

Question asked by evisie Employee on Jun 16, 2015



I'm recently using CodeXL to profile my program, which contains a bunch of GPU kernels. However, it seems that CodeXL was unable to trace more than 200,000 APIs even though the max number of APIs to trace was set to 300,000 or any number greater than 200,000. I'm sure my program will definitly call more than 200,000 APIs because the execution time is pretty long and those kernels will be launched again and again. So I was wondering if this is a bug or it's the problem with my project settings.


The machine is Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit, with an AMD A10-5700 APU and an AMD R9 270 GPU. The driver version is fglrx 15.101 and the SDK version is AMDAPPSDK 3.0.0.