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Mantle vs DX11.1 side by side comparison

Question asked by humbug on Jun 15, 2015

Mantle needs no introduction but not everyone knows what its actually capable of, i see a lot of posts around the net of people 'who don't have Mantle or have ever run it' saying and believing it doesn't make a difference worth mentioning.


The reason for that is the conclusion of the majority of established reviewers, and when you look at what they did to come to such conclusions you're left asking yourself how it is they ever became an established hardware reviewer?


Like this one...


Battlefield 4 Mantle Early Performance Testing | PC Perspective


He said he is simulating a system used by the average user and then went on to say he actually used an Intel Core i7-3960X specifically to remove the CPU bottleneck.

So for that part of the test the reader has learned absolutely nothing about Mantle and how it might benefit him or her.

So then he went on to test it with an A10-7850K, but in single player only where the CPU matters little, again no one reading that has learned anything.


So he had a little chat to AMD, who advised him to test Multiplayer.

Any Hardware / PC Gaming enthusiast worth their salt do not need anyone to tell them where they went wrong, its obvious to anyone who knows anything about API's and Draw Calls that you don't use the most powerful CPU you can find and then test in an environment where API Draw Calls are not an issue.


So he explains that he doesn't like using MP because of a 2 -5% variance but dutifully does it anyway and sure enough he results a huge difference in performance.


At least he did go back and run a proper test, but using CPU's at the most extreme of opposing ends on the performance spectrum as far as i'm concerned is a bit of a cop-out, it suggest that's its only of use if you have a very low end CPU, which is another thing a lot of people say.


Anywho.... i could leave it at that without running a test of my own, and do it properly.


I did this last year but wanted to share it here.


I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you AMD for Mantle, i have used it in BF4 since day one, its brilliant, and i do believe Mantle was an incentive for Microsoft to make DX12.


Good old fashioned Side by side API performance comparison, DirectX on the Left Mantle on the Right, to leave you in no doubt seeing it with your own eye's.




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