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iMac with 'AMD Radeon HD 6970M' can I use OpenCL with it?

Question asked by asgr on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by asgr

I'm interested in using my iMac with the OpenCL libraries

and your documentation listed this model as capable.


However, the listed module has an additional extension to

the name 'MXM' which does not appear in System Info on

the Mac and I only have 1GB of VRAM.


Firstly, is this just an omission and irrelevant. Secondly, I've

read that the AMD range is a better platform for integer

calculations, a direction that is intentionally pursued.


If this is the case, how much better are AMD's compared to

the competition at integer calculations and does it natively

support 64bit (or larger) integers?


Your developer downloads don't support a Mac product.

Can I still download the OpenCL libraries and will it be

enough to access the processing capabilities of the GPU?