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crossfire, duel radeon r7 260x, duel monitor problems

Question asked by themahale on Jun 15, 2015

I just installed two r7 260x gpu's, with a bridge and enabled crossfire mode in the settings.  that part went fine.  when I plugged in the second monitor the one on the right (set as my main screen) started blinking on and black then on and then blank many times a min.  the same look as though it was changing the screen resolution several times a min.  if I un plug then plug back in the blinking monitor it stops for a while but when I restart or reset monitor options the blinking starts again. the monitors are the same brand (dell) but different size screens and resolutions.  I am going to try a screen that is the same size and resolution and will up date when I try that.  I have been looking online but no other person seems to have the exact same problem.  I have run duel monitors on a few different computers but never experienced this problem.  Has anyone experienced this problem and found a fix? any help would be greatly appreciated.