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Random Black screen

Question asked by dosequis117 on Jun 14, 2015

Hello! I've recently been struck by a random black screen that appears in the middle of gaming, YouTube videos, browsing..basically whenever i'm trying to use my computer. I recently ensured that i have the latest drivers, i increased the voltage of my GPU and i under clocked it too around 1250 MHz. It might not be a GPU problem..but this computer is two months old which is bothers me a lot. Thanks for your time!



Cpu- Intel 4790k Haswell 8Mbs

GPU- Radeon r9 290 4gbs

Mobo: Asus z91 Saber tooth mark 1

Ram: 8Gbs Corsair vengeance (x2)

PSU: Lepra 1200w 80 Gold.