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Intel 4000 and AMD 7670M

Question asked by karim_amr on Jun 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by karim_amr

Hello everyone ,

a few days ago i tried to clean install the AMD driver from the thread posted in the forum ,

the reason i did it because my Laptop only sees My Intel 4000 ,

but the graphic is great on DX 9 games , but coming to DX 11 games , such as Prepar3D ,

there is no anti aliasing applied in the game whether from game settings or AMD CCC settings ,

I Am having this problem from over a year , or you can say from the date i purchased the laptop !

here is my laptop info. :

Hp Pavilion G6 2321ee

Core I5 3230 2.6 GHz

6 GB Ram

Intel 4000 HD

AMD 7670M 2GB