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AMD Radeon HD8850M issue

Question asked by arunkumar.09 on Jun 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2015 by arunkumar.09

I have an AMD Radeon HD 8850M graphic card. When I installed beta drivers using amdautodetect. The GPU changed to R9 M265X in the device manager. And the catalyst center seemed to work. And I felt gaming experience okayish. Also I experienced so many problems with sleep and shutdown, it just doesnt shut down or wake. I felt it very problematic. So I just updated driver from Device Manager. Now shutdown and sleep issues seem to be fixed. But the catalyst control center doesnt open showing some error message that there are no settings. Also I cannot find any Render tab in DxDiag.exe even when the driver is still installed. Will refreshing or Reseting the PC solve mt issue. I am very fond of gaming. And I have been really worried about my AMD GPU these days. Please help me. Is there any problem with hardware or only the driver software. I really need this to be fixed. I even tried to download the Witcher 3 beta driver because it is the latest. But still the shutdown sleep issues persisted.Why is there no render tab in DxDiag. My laptop specifications 8GB RAM,i7-4500U,AMD Radeon HD 8850M. I even faced a lot of problems with Assassins Creed Unity. I really want this to be fixed.