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    Do we need better navigation?



      When we first went live you had this gripe:


      3)  No forum tree off the main page.  If I want to check another forum (or "space"), I have to go to the root, as there are no links anywhere but there.


      I wanted to check in, and since this is "how the forum works" I stuck it in the Community Help forum. Not sure what you mean by "the main page". We have a main page in each major community, like Support Forum, DevGurus, etc.


      I might have already fixed this but... can you point me at the "main page" you were referencing? Was it here?

      Support Forums


      There is a forum tree on that page, but we might have others where it's missing. It is a design element in our control, we can add it where needed based on feedback.


      Thanks for your help, AND for caring.

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          My phrasing was a bit poor.  By "off the main page", I don't mean links on the main page to the sub-forums off of it.  I mean outside of that main page (which you correctly identified), there are no such forum links.  While in a forum/"space", the only option is to return to the forum root to get that list. 


          It's also an inconvenience to have to always expand the sub-forums (e.g. to access the Eyefinity and Crossfire sub-forums).

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            Ah! Yes, I know exactly what you're talking about, and it sucks.


            The root pages (technically Overview pages), easy to update/modify the UI, and for example add a space tree. The content pages, where you see a list of threads/topics... nope. You are in the weeds. There are a couple of ways to navigate from there, but you have to navigate to get back to an Overview page with a space tree.


            See I'm looking at a topic. How do I get back to the forum content?


            Which is the only way to get to other forums. Workarounds? None great but...


            * in your browser, bookmark the forums you want

            * go to Avatar Menu-> Your Places (still navigating, but you can filter based on your activity)