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Video Corruption XFX 295x2 Screen Flickering - Blue Vertical lines - New Build

Question asked by tonythetiger999p on Jun 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by xfxsupport

Hello All,
I am having a video corruption problem that I have spent a lot of time attempting to resolve before posting. I have searched every page in this section of the forum and googled this issue for many days and hope that someone can provide me with some direction. This is a new build and I have been building for nearly 20 years, so not quite a noob.

I have checked the cables and replaced them. I have checked with Jonnyguru and seen that my psu is more than adequate at 1000w (EVGA 1000 G2). I uploaded the latest bios, the latest drivers for the card and such. I have checked forums for information on my monitor Crossover 30Q pro and there does not appear to be a problem there as the monitor worked flawlessly with my previous computer and video card. I plug in the video cable (DVI - there is no HDMI or DP for this Crossover monitor) to my older Dell FPW 24 inch monitor and the video is great. Max rez on this monitor is 1600x1200.
On important issue is that I get the blue screen corruption at boot. As soon as the ASUS splash scrren comes up, I note that the blue vertical lines are there. The bios is also this way.
I have also gone into the bios to ensure that the System Agent Configuration is on PCIe. I had it on Auto and that did not make a difference.
I reseated the video card in both slots. No change.
I had initially utilized the on board video until my video card was shipped and used it on my 24 inch Dell with no problems. I did not use it on my Crossover. Once I installed the 295x2 video card, I went into the bios to ensure that it was seeing the card, which it does, and not the internal video.
I have listed everything in my profile for equipment but will do it again here. No unusual hardware or software, and no overclock.
Hero VII Rev 1.xx Bios Ver 2702
I7 4790k
H100 Water cooler Corsair
G Skill Sniper DDR3 F3-2400C11-8GSR 16GB Voltage 1.65
Samsung 850 SSD
Ihas Dvd-cd rom
XFX 295x2 Hydra Edition Video Card Catalyst 15.5 Beta (I tried the regular one and no help there)
EVGA 1000 w G2
Crossover 30Q Pro at 60 hz
Case Thermaltake GT-10
Windows 7 Ultimate with all updates - clean install


I have attached a few pictures to show what I am seeing on the monitor.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, TonytheTiger


Video blue screen 6122015.jpgDesktop Sceen shot 6122015.jpg

Blue Screen Flicker 6132015.jpg


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