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AMD Radeon HD5700 series HDMI problem.

Question asked by zetoshi on Jun 13, 2015

Hoping someone here can help me because I've been struggling with this issue all day.


I'm hooked up to my monitor using DVI with no issues.
When I try to connect my LG TV to my PC using the HDMI port, my TV can't recognize the HDMI port.

My PC however, CAN recognize the television ( including by name ). I can "use" the television as a screen, meaning I can drag windows there and even use it as "main desktop".

But I can't SEE any of that on the television since I can't switch to the HDMI input as it isn't recognized at all. 


At the same time, my TV does recognize my motherboard's onboard HDMI port, but doesn't receive a signal from it. I can set my input to that HDMI port just fine though on my PC.

When I do that, and go to my screen settings on my PC, then duplicate screen, and SWITCH my HDMI cable to the AMD Radeon HDMI port, it suddenly DOES work. I get picture at least.


Problem is, when I change my TV input to normal, I can't switch it back to HDMI because it somehow loses recognition of the input.


I don't know what this means. But having to do a 3-4 step workaround including moving cables around, just to use my TV as a second monitor every time is annoying as hell.

Does anyone have a solution for this? 


My Dell laptop hooked up to the TV works perfectly fine, no issues at all. So I somehow don't feel it's the TV that has the problem, hence why I am posting here.