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    CPU temperature of  FX-670K (A8/A10)



      I own a HP pc with the mentioned CPU aboard since april 2014.

      Yesterday I installed Speccy, a tool from Piriform, just to get a lot of information at once about my system... I immediately noticed that the CPU temperature varies (making normal operations such as opening folders or using Firefox for internet, etc) from 54° up tu 94°. It looks really too much... I also tried to install another tool to have a comparison, so I ran the HWinfo64 program and the information I got are the same. Please also note that the temperatures of GPU and Motherboard are very lower (34°-37°).

      I even opened the case to check if the cooler of the CPU should not have been working, but the fan is ok; I also removed the small quantity of dust but the temperature matter remains the same.

      So, what can be the problem? A defect of the CPU? I don't think it can be a problem of old thermal paste, since the pc is very recent.

      Thanks for your help.