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Witcher 3 Beta Driver Hurting Perfomance?

Question asked by thedancingpanda on Jun 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2015 by thedancingpanda

i just updated from the GTA related beta driver to the new witcher related beta driver (15,5 i think)

i played 27 hours on the previous driver averaging about 40 fps. lows at 32 highs at 45. 42 was fairly common especially out in the wilderness.

i played for about 5 minutes on the new driver and noticed immediate quality loss. averaging about 34 fps, dips to 29 fps, and really really worked to hit 41. the game immediatly felt less smooth even when hitting the same frames.


anyone else lose performance with this driver?


playing on a sapphire 270x 4g at its retail stock speed of 1070mhz.


i actually was just getting my drivers in order so i could do my first overclock on the card so this is a pretty upsetting roadblock. (and no i haven't changed the video setting since, and yes hairworks is off)