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error message installing new driver in formatted laptop

Question asked by on Jun 12, 2015

Hi guys


I have an asus f552E. Windows 8 laptop. I formatted it, and managed to find windows 7 software for everything. My problem is the installation of the videocard which is AMD APU. I confirmed that the  windows is is 7 with 64bit. I am trying to install the latest beta driver through the auto detect ultity, it chooses the APU series, catalyst (latest) and windows 7 64 bit, it downloads it, then it wont launch it. When i launch it manually from the Temp files, it says: the version of this file is not compatible with my windows verison x64 or x32.


I tried both version to both avail, i tried downloading manually (not through the autodetect utility and have ran into the same problem.


Laptop is fully updated with all the updates. any help would be appreciated it.