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    Is there any chance to call an HSAIL function in another module?


      Snec I'm a "newcommer" I have to ask here, although this would be better suited in the HSA category, anyway:


      Is there any way to call an HSAIL function that is in a different (BRIG) module than the calling function/kernel?

      If I just try to declare and not define a function in a module, the HSAIL assembler complains that the

      function has module linkage and therefore has to be defined within the module too.  And there does not seem

      to be anything like global linkage.


      I'm exploring options of providing various library function for kernels this way and so using the icall instruction

      extensively seems like a overkill and a very complex method too.  The compiler would have to know about all

      library functions to generate the calling code and the dispatcher would have to do possibly very many lookups

      before launching any kernel.