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Problem with eyefinity and diffent sizes displays

Question asked by essan on Jun 12, 2015

Recently I have acquired a R9 290.
But I have a problem creating "Eyefinity multiple screens." I have a monitor LG
Tm 2792 (27 inches) and two others smaller, AOC 2250W (21.5 inches). All three have the same resolution: 1920 x 1080.

Catalyst Control Centre does not recognize my monitor’s real  inch. When I create a group of screens Eyefinity
all monitors looks like if they have exactly the same inches. The group is well created but the monitors do not fit properly.

The graphics card has the version of
AMD Catalyst Software Suit 14.502.1014.1001 -
150,526th - 184427E

I've also tried installing the drivers of the
But CCC continues to believe that all monitors have the same inches. Therefore
do not appear the option fit, expand, etc.