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AMD drivers causing PC to freeze

Question asked by ealfaro on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by elstaci

Hello everyone,


First of all let me thank you for any information on this matter, while I was playing a video game the screen suddenly froze, I wasn't able to do any other action other than a hard reset.


However when my PC restarted, the screen was displaying this strange horizontal lines across it:



To which after a minute seems to crash or just freeze completely, so I'm not able to disable the driver on a normal boot-up:



I can use the PC on safe mode, disable the driver and boot-up normally without the driver (uses the standard VGA card). But whenever I manage to install any of the AMD Catalyst drivers the lines appear over the screen, sometimes causing a BSOD (haven't managed to get the error code yet as the BSOD is very random).


My PC is a DELL XPS 8500 with Windows 7 Service Pack 1, the graphics card which it comes with is the AMD Radeon HD 7870.


I have asked on different other forums and this is what I have tried so far:


  • I have tried installing the driver available from DELL, even after using a cleaning tool for the previous drivers it all ends the same way.
  • The AMD auto-detect tool recommends the AMD Catalyst 14.12 Omega Win 7 64-bit (I believe this is the latest beta version), issue still happens.
  • Uninstalled and installed a previous version of AMD Catalyst, the lines are still appearing and then the screen freezes.


Sorry for the long post, not sure if anyone can help me with this? I really hope it's not a hardware issue, I still have the warranty but many people have told me that this is a driver issue?


Anyway thanks in advance!!