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PC locking up (hang or freeze)

Question asked by amightymuffin on Jun 12, 2015

Hi, so i got my FX 8350 a few months back with new ram and motherboard. But ever since the upgrade its been having issues in that the PC will randomly stop responding entirely and i would have to hard-reboot it, it doesn't even allow keyboard input (caps light wont turn on if pressed).

my hdd is the same one i used in my previous system and hasn't had any issues so i've ruled that out and i updated Bios, and got all the drivers but its still causing the same issue.I have run mem-test but that came clean so i've had to determine that its something about the CPU causing the issue


Specs :


Gigabyte - 970A-DS3P

750W psu - superflower
Radeon R9-285 from gigabyte
Crucial 1 stick of 8GB DDR3 1600 UDIMM 240 pin



i read online that disabling the turbo core feature fixes this but i dont know how or if it actually does.


any help would be happily received