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    Username/Avatar log in dates "BUG"?


      Have noticed recently that when you place(not click) pointer on them,they are showing future dates.

      In the past week,they have shown 6 July,6 November,now 6 December 2015.

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          Eternalism (The Philosophy of Time)


          As time passes, the moment that was once the present becomes part of the past; and part of the future, in turn, becomes the new present.




          You Mr.goodplay just may have started the first bug/glitch report in history that covers the subject of eternalism. AMD ™ has always been known for innovation but, this....this my friend...is truly something groundbreaking.

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            Hey goodplay, can you give me some specific guidance in an attempt to replicate? In a thread like this, if I hover over your handle or your avatar, I get today's date.


            (This is of course a false flag request to hide the fact that AMD has developed a time machine. We are still in alpha testing. It is absolutely safe for me to say that because next time we exercise the machine we'll just shift the universe into a different timeline, and this will have never happened.)

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                If I hover over your avatar/username,it shows member since 9 September 2014,last logged in 6 December 2015

                Hover over mine/lordhelmet,shows no date for member since,last logged in 6 December 2015.

                ray_m is member since 5 November 2015.last logged in 6 dec........

                I see so far no one else has mentioned the same problem.I ran extra virus/malware scans last night,all clear.

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                    That is peculiar. For me, the member since is accurate,but obviously I haven't logged in yet in December of this year. It should have been June 12, and today is June 13. FOr you I get May 19 and June 13, respectively.


                    I am clueless. I can only speculate. The thought crosses my mind, perhaps it's based on locale, how the date is being stashed, and then read back incorrectly (like month/day instead of day/month). In fact.... DUH. Bingo.


                    Note 6/12/2015 is either June 12 or Dec 6 depending on the order you read the first two numbers. So what we have here is, based on your date preferences, it is storing the date one way, and reading it back another.


                    He shoots, he scores! I wonder what happens today, which is 6/13/2015.


                    Two requests:

                    1: Check this out today and tell me what you get

                    2: gimme a screenshot


                    And, if you are of a mind... see if swapping out your system's date formats fixes this. I'm not asking that you do that permanently, you should have your date as you wish. But this gives me data I can use to open a ticket with Jive.


                    GRIN - I like it when my brain works.

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                        Here's some with current date format:-

                        Will get back to you shortly with format change.

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                          Now with format change:-

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                              I opened a ticket, and here's the result. Looks like you found a bug




                              I was able to replicate this behavior and find a workaround. The problem arises when there is a mismatch between the user's locale settings.


                              I was able to workaround this bug by setting setting my Web Browser time zone and User Preference timezone to the same values.

                              Can you have the user ensure they have selected the australian timezone for all their timezone settings?




                              Some additional background, in case it helps, from the Admin level jive help. In effect, make this value match your browser value, and see if the problem goes away. Let me know if this works, so I can close out our ticket.


                              To set your time zone and locale preferences:

                              1. Go to your user Preferences page by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner and selecting Preferences.
                              2. Select your Locale. This can be important if you use Jive from a web browser set to another locale, such as when you're working in an Internet cafe in another country. Your preference here takes precedence. If you want to use the locale set by your administrator for the entire community, make sure that your web browser is not set to a specific locale (or the browser's locale will override the administrator's locale setting).
                              3. Scroll down the page and select your Time Zone. This setting is used in the timestamp when you publish a blog post, document, or discussion. Your administrator sets the time zone that affects the start and end times for all announcements, polls, projects, tasks, and checkpoints.
                              4. Click Save.