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Problem with GPU idle core & memory clock

Question asked by 3ek0 on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by hardcoregames™

Problem became noticable after i change my CRT monitor to LCD 24 inch.

I dont have problems with PCU,CPU,motherboard,drivers are newest Omega's.
Video Adapter    Sapphire Radeon HD 7870

Motherboard & CPU support PCI-E 3.0 but he works only in 3D application only.

With low GPU usage PCI-E swich to 1.0.
Default max clocks are: (max temperature 100% GPU load -Fan~80%-not more than 55 degrees Celsius-extreamly cool i would say)
GPU:1000 MHz

Memory :1200 MHz(4800 MHz effective)

Default minimum frequences are: (temperature idle 30~33 degrees Celsius  Fan 20%~1100 RPM)

GPU:300 MHz

Memory 150MHz (600MHz effective)

Clocks monitored on GPU-Z

I can't understand why these numbers are so low for that graphics usage nowadays.Internet,youtube...etc

Card can handle some serious games..but with that low  clocks even youtube lags  and make problems with framerate

So my question is how to put a biger lower limit to the default minimum clocks? (for example core 600MHz and memory 500 MHz(2000MHz effective))

There is no  such option in CCC.I cant find solution on the web.