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    Games (e.g. Cities Skylines) freeze while sound continues (Win 8.1 with AMD r9 m265x)


      Hello everbody,

      I got a Toshiba Laptop with the following specification


      Windows 8.1 64 bit

      Intel i7 Quadcore

      16 GB RAM

      Intel Graphics/AMD Radeon R9 m265x


      I play once in a while, especially simulations like Cities: Skylines. The framerate is okay at the highest quality (around 20 fps). Frequently games (also other games with a lot better framerates like Alan Wake oder Arkham Asylum around 40-60 fps) freeze while the sound in the background continues and I can still control the mouse cursor. Sometimes I can quit the game in the task manager, sometimes I can't.

      Once in a while I can see a window with the message, that a driver crashed and that it got restarted, but thats infrequently.


      I have installed the newest Catalyst drivers  - and no clue what else I could do.


      Does somebody have any ideas?