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    CodeXL causes strange errors


      Hi all,


      I just installed the latest AMD Catalyst drivers on my system containing an AMD A10-7850K APU running Ubuntu 140.04.2 LTS.  The drivers installed fine and I can run OpenCL applications.  The dmesg output shows a weird error however:


      [   13.791220] <6>[fglrx] Maximum main memory to use for locked dma buffers: 5650 MBytes.

      [   13.791269] <6>[fglrx]   vendor: 1002 device: 130f revision: 0 count: 1

      [   13.791625] <6>[fglrx] IOMMU is enabled, CrossFire are not supported on this platform

      [   13.791626] <6>[fglrx] Disable IOMMU in BIOS options or kernel boot parameters to support CF

      [   13.791695] <6>[fglrx] ioport: bar 4, base 0xf000, size: 0x100

      [   13.792169] <6>[fglrx] Kernel PAT support is enabled

      [   13.792188] <6>[fglrx] module loaded - fglrx 15.10.4 [Apr 14 2015] with 1 minors


      [  152.600789] fglrx_pci 0000:00:01.0: irq 94 for MSI/MSI-X

      [  152.601775] <6>[fglrx] Firegl kernel thread PID: 1319

      [  152.601937] <6>[fglrx] Firegl kernel thread PID: 1320

      [  152.602020] <6>[fglrx] Firegl kernel thread PID: 1321

      [  152.602112] <6>[fglrx] IRQ 94 Enabled

      [  152.609923] <6>[fglrx] fglrx enable the IOMMUv2 support.

      [  152.609932] <6>[fglrx] Reserved FB block: Shared offset:0, size:1000000

      [  152.609933] <6>[fglrx] Reserved FB block: Unshared offset:f9b4000, size:4000

      [  152.609934] <6>[fglrx] Reserved FB block: Unshared offset:f9b8000, size:548000

      [  152.609936] <6>[fglrx] Reserved FB block: Unshared offset:ff00000, size:100000

      [  152.609937] <6>[fglrx] Reserved FB block: Unshared offset:7ffd7000, size:29000

      [  153.528893] <3>[fglrx:firegl_lock_device] *ERROR* trying to lock without a valid SAREA setup!


      I don't know if that error should be troublesome or not, but I can still run OpenCL code on both the CPU & GPU portions of the APU.  So far so good...


      When I try and run CodeXL, it just hangs...so, I tried to use the standalone profiler on my application (I'm running NPB benchmarks):


      $: sudo /opt/AMD/CodeXL_1.7-7300/x86_64/sprofile -p ./ep.A.x ../EP

      [sudo] password for rlyerly


      NAS Parallel Benchmarks (NPB3.3-OCL) - EP Benchmark


      Number of random numbers generated:       536870912

      AMD CodeXL GPU Profiler V3.1.7300 is Enabled

      Failed to generate profile result /home/rlyerly/Session1.csv.


      The dmesg output shows this:


      [ 2500.315753] traps: ep.A.x[1551] general protection ip:7f9ddb75b536 sp:7fff8d4fd450 error:0 in libc-2.19.so[7f9ddb6d8000+1bb000]

      [ 2500.439470] <3>[fglrx:firegl_lock_device] *ERROR* trying to lock without a valid SAREA setup!


      What is going on?  Segfaulting in libc sounds pretty bad, and I don't know what I can do...is there an older version of CodeXL I can download?