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    an issue with the new AMD r9 m375 (4GB)


      Hello , i just bought the new lenovo z51-70 laptop with this graphic card (AMD R9 m375 (4GB)) but it has so poor performance i dont know if it is really that bad or something is wrong with my laptop... i just tried (League of Legends) it doesn't even need a good graphic card to play it! on battery i get like 20-40 FPS whhen plugged in i get like 50-80 FPS but this is not so good!! i could get much more FPS with a lower graphic card , i just started to use AMD as graphic card but still not satisfied with it .... so can i get any help solving this issue or knowing if this graphic card is that bad.....
      thanks in advance!!

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          I see no m375 chip with 4gb. That laptop has power saving features all through it. Learn how to disable them when you want to play any game. Google is a good place to start...or the owners manual .




          http://www.game-debate.com/hardware/index.php?gid=2971&graphics=Radeon R9 M375 2GB

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            Apparently kingfish, to my surprise as well, there is a m375 with that much dedicated Vram according to gpu boss as seen here Radeon R9 M375. Although , I must say that I had searched for close to thirty minutes across multiple sites, before anything had shown up which, is odd to say the least.


            Anyways, desperado97 as for your stated issue. I'm not exactly sure what you're expecting out of the m375 because, when using it in high performance mode (plugged in), you stated you're getting 50-80 frames per second in League of Legends which is actually quite good for it's class when thinking in terms of League of Legends (and only League of Legends) specifically. Please consider that League of Legends isn't exactly the best game to judge a graphics card by whatsoever because, it's far from an optimized title.


            This can easily be noted by searching other users complaining about poor performance that have high end dedicated gpu's both Nvidia and AMD alike. Even users with an R9 290 8GB lightning ed. or GTX980ti are making statements parallel to yours, so it's a known issue across all manufacturers releases, that they're not getting the results they're cards are technically capable of overall. Especially when considering an R9 290 8GB lightning can get up to 144+ frames per second at 1440p on Ultra in Battlefield 4 yet, in League of Legends they're getting roughly 80-120 at no more than 1080p with similar settings applied. Which is definitely not acceptable considering the investment they made but, without optimizations once again, there's only so much that can be done.


            As seen in this video benchmark below, the user is getting roughly the same frames per second as you (Actually less 50-70).  Yet, the person conducting the benchmark is using a vastly superior video card (R9 270x) and isn't receiving much benefit.



            So when considering the data within the benchmark, you're video card is actually performing quite well when considering everything in a price/performance ratio overall, even if it may not be much consolation.


            So, once again without further developer optimizations, there's only so much we can assist you with. With that being said and kept in mind, let's begin......


            • What resolution is applied in game?
            • What in game settings are applied (normal, high etc).?
            • Are your graphics card drivers up to date (and/or) in accordance with the laptop manufacturers newest driver releases?
            • Have you ensured that any unnecessary programs are closed in the background while the game is loaded?
            • Have you created a Catalyst Control Center profile for League of Legends yet?
            • If you have, does it match the following settings as noted in the screen capture below?
            • If not, create one with settings matching exactly as described in the screen capture for best performance.



            • Ensure your Windows system settings are as such, to ensure available resources aren't being allocated to Windows when not needed as described in the screen capture below by going Windows/System/Advanced System Settings/Advanced/Performance/Left click "settings" in the selectable token/Visual Effects and then apply the following.

            Advanced Settings Windows Visual.jpg


            Once you have ensured you have created your League of Legend Catalyst Control Center profile as described above, as well as matched your Windows System visual  settings. Test the game once more to see if you are getting a performance boost and to what degree. Please take a screen capture that depicts the current frame rate during the test with a monitoring program for visual reference. Place said screen capture in your reply, along with answers to all the questions above and well move on from there. Once I know the answers, I'll have a better idea what possible options there are for increasing performance if any is possible.

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              savagebeastzero thanks for the reply but its still the same Screen48.png

              i get a bit better FPS at a lower resolution but 1920x1080 is the default one!

              settings still not at ultra high and im getting 77 fps , i know that its so playable like this but im talking about other games i think it will not work so good... im having a lower GPU on my other laptop but im still getting a better FPS at the same settings but it have different resolution (1366 x 768) i don;t know if im allowed to mention its name or not but its Not AMD so i was so confident i would get much better performance with this R9 than the other one....here is the driver (i think its the latest one) Untitled.jpg


              By the way i get better FPS at 1600x900 resolution but the screen keep Flashing!! so its annoying




              kingfishi configured all the power plan so i don't think its a power issue!!



              Thank you! still waiting for some help...


              P.S: i compared both my GPU and other laptop GPU and this AMD is much better but the other one still having a better performance overall thats what makes me think that the GPU is not working good..

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                Make sure your games are using the Radeon card in the switchable graphics settings. You can see those options by right clicking on the desktop then choosing switchable graphics.

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                  is there anyway in which i  can make sure that my GPU is working fine without any problems?

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                    I have tried all those so called trouble shooting methods for this graphics issue. I swapped my 4 year old HP pavilion dv6 6121tx laptop for the lenovo z51-70. Lets just do a plain comparison. The older laptop, housing a radeon HD 6770m 2GB graphics ran Dota 2 with max setings fr graphics at about 60 FPS. The new lenovo z51-70 with r9 m375 grpahics 4 GB, is giving me only about 15-25 FPS at max settings. Similarly, crysis 3, ran smoothly at about 50-60 FPS on normal sedttings on my older HD 6770m, and its barely running at 30 FPS at the lowest (not normal) settings on the same game. yes, i have checked power settings, (high performance), and the windows visual settings only make a difference when u try to run something very heavy on very outdatedd hardware, not the latest ones. Basically, that measure is useless. And yet, i've seen mixed reviews about this laptop model regarding its performance, (hence the purchase). Might I also add, that  the original version of this laptop ran on windowws 8, but my 2 days old model runs win 10 iwht i7, 8 GB ram, r9 m375 4GB, and full HD display. I believe that this is a windows 10 driver issue,which either AMD or lenovo has screwed up. However, in case I am wrong, please do provide me with a solution to this gross underperformance for the money I paid.