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an issue with the new AMD r9 m375 (4GB)

Question asked by desperado97 on Jun 11, 2015
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Hello , i just bought the new lenovo z51-70 laptop with this graphic card (AMD R9 m375 (4GB)) but it has so poor performance i dont know if it is really that bad or something is wrong with my laptop... i just tried (League of Legends) it doesn't even need a good graphic card to play it! on battery i get like 20-40 FPS whhen plugged in i get like 50-80 FPS but this is not so good!! i could get much more FPS with a lower graphic card , i just started to use AMD as graphic card but still not satisfied with it .... so can i get any help solving this issue or knowing if this graphic card is that bad.....
thanks in advance!!