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AMD integrated graphics troubling a lot

Question asked by baba_bakait on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2015 by oxidoex

Okay so I have 2 Dell laptops one with the Amd Radeon 8500M/8700M (that's what it says in device manager) and one with an Nvidia graphics card. The configuration of the laptop with AMD is wayy better than the one with Nvidia, enen the nvidia graphics card is not as good as the AMD one. Both of them are integrated graphics cards. The problem is that whenever I run a game on my AMD laptop, the game launcher shows Intel HD 4000 as the graphics available and hence the game runs really shitty. But when I run the same game on my Nvidia Laptop, it shows Nvidia as the default and so the game runs fine in it ! And yes I have switched everything to high performance and whatnot and I'm running it when my laptop is plugged in. And this problem is persistent with all the recently launched games including GTA V and WWE 2k15. Is there a solution to this problem ? Can I somehow make AMD my default GPU cuz its a shame all the configuration I bought going to waste