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    New computer, Linux & Radeon R9 200 dual cardser


      Powerspec G422 with dual Radeon R9 200 display cards. Bought the computer for the other features, memory, quad core Intel, 32GB memory, 2T hdd, 120 GB ssd, etc.


      Now Need to learn about the AMD radeon cards. Had Nvidia card in previous computer.


      Of course I downloaded Catalyst. Tried to run and it displayed an error message about needing to run aticonfig.


      What is that?


      When I lookup the drivers under System Setting, it displays that I am running


      X.org X server -- AMD/ATI display driver wrapper xserver-xorg-video-ati (Recommended Driver)


      Would I get better performance using the Catalyst s/w? And what is aticonfig?

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          Which OS do you use?


          In any case, try to execute .run file of the driver from command line. It would be better to do this from 3-rd runlevel.

          If the driver is installed successfully, check if the radeon driver is blacklisted (it hasn't run together with fglrx(=Catalyst)).


          Afterwards run

          aticonfig --initial --adapter=all

          and reboot.


          Does it help you?


          aticonfig is some utility, which helps to adjust graphics on you computer and check some characteristics of videocard. Some of useful commands:

          aticonfig --initial # creats the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, which includs AMD card; --adapter=all -- for including all present on your machine AMD cards
          aticonfig --od-getclocks # gives GPU load and some other information about capabilities of the videocard
          aticonfig --od-gettemperatute # gives the temperature of the GPU
          aticonfig --pplib-cmd "get fanspeed 0" # gives fanspeed of the first fan of the videocard

          More about this you can find in aticonfig --help. About the 4-th command see AMD GPU Coolness.

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              Using Kubuntu 15.04.


              Read the Ubuntu page on using the radeon cards. Rather unclear to me. The page mentioned the fglrx s/w and the Catalyst s/w, but it was unclear if they are one and the same or separate. I think I got the impression that Catalyst is open source and fglrx is proprietary. The Ubuntu additional drivers s/w indicates that fglrx is proprietary and that Ubuntu recommends s/w that wraps the xorg driver and that is what was installed and what I am currently using. I assume that the wrapper s/w is open source. Not too sure what the advantage of using the proprietary s/w is.


              When I installed Windows 8.1, it installed the Catalyst s/w.


              I looked on the AMD web site and they listed the Catalyst s/w as usabloe for (K)Ubuntu 14.04, but nothing about 15.04.

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                  I don't know about peculiarities in names "fglrx s/w" and "Catalyst s/w" in general, but in relation to driver this is the same.


                  There are two kinds of Linux drivers for modern AMD cards: opensource (radeon and some other) provided by X.org Foundation with Mesa and proprietary (fglrx -- "FireGL and Radeon for X") provided by AMD. This is similar to nouveau/nvidia drivers for nVidia cards.


                  Which driver to use -- this is a difficult question. I would recommend to try both and decide this for yourself according to the purposes of the card (gaming, programming, etc.)


                  About 15.04-th Ubuntu, I think this is not principal and it could work. I use openSUSE, and as I remember, when 13.1-th openSUSE was released, the driver worked perfectly on it despite this oS 13.1 was absent in the Release Notes to driver. In case of failure of specific Ubuntu driver, you can try the driver for general Linux OS -- it could also work with Ubuntu.