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    BSOD's with OMEGA 12.4


      Computer is a HP DV7-6163cl  had to replace the motherboard and reinstall drivers.

      Laptop has:

      Intel i7  core with 16gb memory  running Win7Pro 64bit. Graphic are Radeon 6770Ms. I guess this unit has switichable  graphics between Intel Graphics or AMD Radeon but have never figured out how you switch between the two.


      I will keep this short.

      There are at least 7 graphics drivers on HP site for this model number. Do not know which one to use so downloaded the new Radeon Mobile Omgea Catalyst and installed. The laptop used to have CCC on the program listing. But after installing the new OMEGA driver there is no more CCC panel or program listing.


      The graphics seem to work, just no CCC Center installed. Everything seems to work but get frequent BSOD always with the

      Error:  “Attempted to reset the display driver and recover from time-out failed.”  No pattern to when it does it.


      How far back do I go to get a driver that is stable?


      The are lots of comments on Google about this error, could be bad memory etc.(new).


      Any Ideas????


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          Upgrade the Intel graphics drivers first.

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              Their are several Intel graphics drivers listed for this DV7 on the HP site, not sure which to one to load.. There is also the switching Intel/AMD graphics driver which I should.download and install. I understand it automatically switches between the Intel/AMD graphics based on certain criteria. Maybe since I do not have the Intel graphics stuff installed that is throwing it to BSOD at certain times.


              I still do not know why after installing the Omega Catalyst I did not get a CCC program listed under programs.

              Thanks for you input.