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    AMD Radeon HD 5450 Sound Device


      Hello there!


      I've got "AMD Radeon HD 5450" video card.


      It was easy to plug in and install drivers.


      I've a trouble now. I've got a two HDMI display with sound supported, the PC monitor and tv.

      It onnected by HDMI and DVI/HDMI.

      There is a Sound HDMI device appeared. I do understand that only one display can do cound at one time.

      When I choose video out to HDMI PC display this sound device marked connected and works properly.

      But when I change video out to HDMI tv, this sound device marks disconnected itself. It follows with USB "disconnect" sound effect.

      When I change video out back to PC display, sound device connects back with USB "connect" cound effect.


      Is there a way to change HDMI output with sound of HDMI simulaniosly?