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    Need help for Overclock my computer


      Hello !

      before I start the subject, I'm sorry for my bad English, I'm french member, and I haven't found the French Forums


      My problem : I have buy equipment AMD for build my first computer of gaming ! And I'm really happy !

      But I've got slowdowns on some games, like FarCry 4, Interstellar Marines, Arma, Splinter Cell BlackList, and other...

      I would like overcloack my computer, but I haven't got idea to the limittes to Overcloack

      I come to you for take advices, issues, and help for overcloack my computer


      Characteriscs of my computer :


      Video Card : AMD Radeon R9 200 Series (Overclok Edition)

      Processors : AMD FX(tm)-6350 Six-Core Processor 3.90 GHz

      RAM : 8,00 Go


      Note : This is my first computer of gaming, be nice