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    HDMI Stuttering Issues - Catalyst Update


      Hello,  I install the new catalyst upgrade, 15.5 Beta and I had some stuttering issues.


      I'm with 3 monitors, one VGA, one HDMI ( small television ) and one on Display Port/ Vga active adaptator.


      Using eyefinity, my total resolution is 4320x900. But with this resolution, I had only the possibility to set my display on 75Hz.


      When I set it to 60Hz, the resolution is automatically set to 3840x800, and no more stuttering; but.... very ugly...



      I had to try this Beta upgrade for my games, as GTA 5, because it crashed every 10 minutes (especialy when I'm in a car )


      I've just try GTA with this new CCC Upgrade, the game seemed to work faster and better but same problem... crashes...