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a10 5800k + radeon hd 6570 (great performance but with weird issues)

Question asked by raiden_dt on Jun 9, 2015

I can run gta 5 on the 6570 OC'd surprisingly in solid 30fps(40-ish with no vsync) @ high settings 720p.. now, when I dual graphics mode even on everything lowest the framerate is garbage.. I tried running it with only my APU and the framerate was good, I got to at least 30-ish with the same settings.. I know my GPU is quite old and low end and my cpu is 3 years old.. but I never had this big of a stutter issue.. I was thinking my ram was the issue here, I have a 1333 4 gb x 2 or that gta V was just not ready for crossfire? Other games give me excelent performance.. enlighten me..