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    Issues with Multi GPU Laptops:


      Hello I have a multi GPU Laptop IntelHD 4000 + AMD 7970m


      I am unable to select 7970m as a source for Open Broadcaster Software, currently running. 0.651b.


      I have tried disabling the Intel HD 4000 drivers, but when i restart I am unable o install latest cat software correctly. Thus I am always forced to use Catalyst 15.4 Beta 1 UnifL v2.0 from Lashcat drivers which work really great!


      But In application when it comes to selecting video source I am unable to find 7970m listed.


      DXDIAG only picks up the Intel HD4000


      If someone can help me figure out how to get 7970m to show up as a source list and even if there is a way to disable Intel hd4k gpu thats fine as well as long as we can get 7970m to replace it amd use regular cat driver set.


      Thank You.


      Laptop is a Clevo P170EM.

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          I am not clear..your laptop runs fine with the lescat drivers. What is your reason for wanting to update from 15.4 ? In the device manager do you have any yellow marks?

          You can go into the computer bios and change the display/graphics from switchable/dynamic (whatever words clevo uses) to 'fixed' or 'static'. This forces the laptop to use the discrete (AMD) graphics only.


          FYI-- Default setting for all switchable graphic laptops in any OGL program, is the IGP. I don't know why you couldn't have the ability to assign any program a specific graphics. It's all tied in to battery life...which is a big selling point for notebooks. You do have your computer power plan set to 'high performance' and not 'balanced' ?




          Laptops Installing drivers on switchable Intel + AMD graphics

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              Thanks for they reply kingfish.


              The device works correctly in most cases, and power plan is set to high.


              I am able to use switchable graphics menu to select most of the software to high performance, which enables the AMD 7970m to take control of the GPU functions.


              However, in other applications like OBS - Open Broadcasting Software the only option is Intel GPU for the source.


              The 7970m never shows up on the list.


              I also looked in BIOS to see if I could disable the Intel 4000 integrated GPU, but not such options exist sadly.


              thus that particular piece of software does not function as intended and I am trying to find a fix for the AMD products running dual GPU.


              NVIDIA dual gpu laptops with Intel has a solution for OBS software but not AMD thus far...