Issues with Multi GPU Laptops:

Discussion created by tegron on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by kingfish

Hello I have a multi GPU Laptop IntelHD 4000 + AMD 7970m


I am unable to select 7970m as a source for Open Broadcaster Software, currently running. 0.651b.


I have tried disabling the Intel HD 4000 drivers, but when i restart I am unable o install latest cat software correctly. Thus I am always forced to use Catalyst 15.4 Beta 1 UnifL v2.0 from Lashcat drivers which work really great!


But In application when it comes to selecting video source I am unable to find 7970m listed.


DXDIAG only picks up the Intel HD4000


If someone can help me figure out how to get 7970m to show up as a source list and even if there is a way to disable Intel hd4k gpu thats fine as well as long as we can get 7970m to replace it amd use regular cat driver set.


Thank You.


Laptop is a Clevo P170EM.