Some moderation/SPAM problems

Discussion created by jtrudeau on Jun 9, 2015
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Developers: FYI. We had a major spam attack over the weekend, while I was off. The immediate response to that (other than banning the account) was we put a rule in place that newer people (even if you are whitelisted) require moderation.


This is a temporary solution. We will come up with something more focused in the next day or two I hope. So, if you create a post or reply anywhere in DevGurus and you get an "awaiting moderation" notice, I apologize. That's the reason why. Your moderators are keeping an eye on this queue and will approve it ASAP. And in a day or two I hope to get back to normal.


I'll update this when we have a solution in place.





Well, sometimes serendipity strikes. For whitelisted developers, and even our AMD engineers, we have resolved this problem. The solution has a neat side effect (unintended consequence). You can all post without moderation anywhere, including the "Newcomers" forum. Newcomers are still limited, but you all are moderation free everywhere! That means you can help out newcomers in that space instantly, no approval delays. I'm grinning.


If you run into any problems in DevGurus, post the issue in this forum, or fire a message off to me.