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AMD and Minecraft (not a problem from me !)

Question asked by keplerlabs on Jun 8, 2015
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I just want to report a common problem with AMD Card that was never reported.


There is performance issues with Minecraft, trees leaves is dropping the fps over 100%, players names, entitys (more than usual !) and buildings.


It's NOT a problem with my PC or GPU, everyone have it, you have Google for proof.


I used a 780 Ti and R9 280X Toxic to benchmark with a Shaders mod (!!! Not a problem from the shader mod, issues are same without but more visible with the mod !!!)


In jungle biomes 780 Ti : 110 FPS

In jungle biomes 280X   : 24 FPS.


Same settings, same shader used, but again, it's a issue with radeon GPUs.

As you can see the difference is too much between these two GPU, the problem is clearly visible.


Also, when using a lot of mods like Tekkit or Feed The Beast, fps are incredibly decreased, makes the game simply unplayable when for exemple you build a base, not huge, but the fps are missing clearly.


I don't want reply from AMD Users, i want reply from AMD Team, beacause customers have nothing to do with this post.


If you are unable to find some proofs about what i'm saying, i can post links, even videos of people talking about this problem.